Don’t let rodents make themselves at home.

We’ll get to the root of the problem and help you prevent future problems.

Rodents invade your property looking for food, water, and warmth. Mice and rats carry disease and contaminate food storage areas. When you need rodent control services, look to DeBoer Pest Control.

Is Your Husband Not Very Good At Pest Control?

Don’t Worry, Call 608-784-8866 (Coulee Region) or 715-514-4700 (Eau Claire) for Help.

Wherever Rodents Hide, We’ll Find Them.

No matter how bad the infestation may be, we are here to help. No one wants to share their home with rats and mice. Let us control your rodent problems and prevent any future headaches.

Reduce your chances of an infestation

  • Store food in tight containers
  • Seal all holes, cracks, and gaps in your home or garage
  • Trim tree and hedge branches away from your home
  • Make sure gutters are clear and water drains away from your home
  • Store firewood far away from your home
  • Remove debris and storage items from entryways
Chemicals used by DeBoer Pest Control are child and animal friendly.

All Chemicals Used are Pet and Kid Friendly.